Stepping into the role of a financial consultant is a big responsibility and one that not just anyone is prepared for. Friends and family and the people they introduce place great trust and reliance on their Unicorn consultant – and no one involved wants that trust betrayed.

That’s why we provide all the mentorship and training that newcomers need to thrive in the profession – because your success is important to us, and your expertise and sustained effort are vital for our clients’ financial well-being. You and we must both discharge our responsibility to them properly.

As a Unicorn financial consultant, you will work hand-in-hand with clients – guiding them through various life stages, growing with them and securing their financial future.

This is a deeply fulfilling and rewarding role that Unicorn consultants can relish. And only a Unicorn consultant, because only Unicorn consultants are taught and mentored how to care properly for clients over the long term.

Develop your career as a financial consultant and be highly focused on helping individuals and families achieve their financial aspirations. Or build a team around you as a leader and mentor, guiding your handpicked team of financial consultants to success.

As a financial consultant, you can build a stream of recurrent income earned from caring for the Assets Under Advice that you help clients to accumulate.

And as a business leader, you will also earn via a profit-sharing model that’s based on the performance of your team – the better they do, the more you will earn.

I focus on training our planners for success – ‘success’ being defined as how many people’s lives are made better by interaction with our planners.... how we make a valuable contribution to society. After all, we are a private enterprise in the business of public service.
- Robin Tan

Develop your expertise in financial planning, investments, relationship building, communication, psychology, and other aspects of your career with our in-house training sessions – conducted by experienced professionals who are also your colleagues, mentors and Unicorn family members.

To further ensure your success, our leaders offer all new consultants 1-to-1 time with them. This includes time for weekly coaching and mentoring guidance, case study analyses, business planning, financial planning discussions, and more.

In our organisation, our leadership team, financial consultants and staff members all share a common vision and belief structure. We are a family of professionals who are eager to learn, have fun, and build our clients’ and our own wealth together.

We organise weekly sports meetups, monthly reunion dinners (where your family members and clients are invited too) and have support groups that enable our financial consultants to learn and better serve clients.